Cover art

We have had the honor to provide cover art for some of our favorite journals.


An artist’s impression of the cellular microcosmos. Dive into a galaxy of liquid stars and protein nebulas.

Protein phase separation constitutes a key process by which life has evolved on Earth. From the origins of Life to cellular subcompartmentalization, phase separation of biomolecules has recently been proven essential to our understanding of these processes. In this series I present an "artist's impression" of phase separation. By using only reagents and chemicals found in the lab, supplemented with proteins from egg white and milk powder, I try to recreate the phenomenal complexity and beauty of this process. We see the formation of liquid droplets, which fuse and mix together creating complex and unanticipated hues and tones. Protein aggregation, notoriously implicated in human disease, is now repurposed to create fantastic nebulas and clouds of precipitated biological matter. Just like our cells, these artworks are dynamic and ever evolving.

2021      3rd place      Art of Science, USA
2020     2nd place     NanoArtography, USA 

Microbial life

​​Contaminants and lab accidents. Finding beauty and diverse life forms in failed experiments.

Things often go wrong in the lab. One of the most common of such 'lab accidents' is contamination. All of the sudden a new organism is growing on your agar plates, which should only carry yeast or E. coli. Yet, there is a fascinating variety in form and color of these little critters out there. From bright shiny bacterial colonies, to the most cute and fluffy fungi. The diversity is endless. Instead of directly dumping such contaminated plates in the garbage, I decided to document each of these little lost travelers that live on and around us. Enjoy the beauty of these fascinating accidental encounters.

On the road

Out here, realigned. A planet out of sight. Nature drunk and high. - Eddie Vedder

I love travelling and exploring new countries, cultures, nature. Here you can find a shrine of my past adventures. Mostly these pictures are here for myself to come back to and day dream when I am tired of being locked in the lab.